Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: JessiCurl Rich Collection

You have the right to remain curly!

This is the motto of the brand JessiCurl, the only and only brand that I actually use for my hair.  I am picky with my haircare, only preferring those products that are not only healthy for my hair, but are also going to solve my curly girl problems.  Yes, I am a curly girl and it can get hard at times.  It took me years upon years in order to figure out how to care for my hair.  It was always so frizzy and unmanageable, that I wanted to cry at times.  It was after years of hating my hair that, when I was in college, that I found a website that was my holy grail of all my problems. Naturally Curly helped solved all my fears and eased my worries about my hair.  It helped me to gain confidence and learn to love my hair. Not only that, but it helped me to manage and control my hair. That's right folks, it has helped me to manage my curls!  Now, I will not give it all to this site however, while roaming on their forums, I found a book that many curly girls recommended. Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey, creator of the brand DevaCurl.

Now, after reading the book, which was enjoyable and gave me extremely good information on what to look for, I landed upon a brand named JessiCurl.  Now, this brand?  It fit the curly girl method (no sulfates, silicones, or alcohol) and I loved the story behind the brand.  To sum it all up, JessiCurl was created by the wonderful Jessica McGuinty, who suffered many of the same problems us curly girls have a constant struggle with! And thus, JessiCurl was born!

(Rich Collection Bottles)

Now, I will go into detail about the products and what they can do for people with curly hair.  Please keep in mind that the products I am posting are mainly for people who have thick wavy/curly hair.  Want other suggestions of JessiCurl products, check out this page.

(Hair Cleansing Cream)

Hair Cleansing Cream is the shampoo of the sulfate free cleansing world.  On the JessiCurl website, it is described as "mild and moisturizing shampoo alternative".  And it is as it is described - being mild and moisturizing, without stripping the hair of its natural oils.  One thing that people do not like about this product is that it doesn't lather and therefore, doesn't clean your scalp. First of all, what a big myth!  Just because it doesn't lather, doesn't mean it isn't cleaning your scalp. That is something that people need to understand.  In order to use this product, one must massage into their scalp, which loosens the dirt and oil, causing it to come out.  Also, I usually use this product twice before applying conditioner for you can get a lather, but a very mild one.

(Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner)

Too Shea is the extra moisturizing conditioner.  According to the JessiCurl website, it is described as "daily conditioning for dry and thirsty curls".  It is pretty thick for a conditioner, thicker than most conditioners that I see for curly hair but it works wonders without weighing down your hair.  I love to leave it in my hair for a good five to ten minutes while I am cleansing my face and brushing my teeth in the shower.  Also, when I get out, I run a small dab throughout my hair, to help keep it moisturized and beautiful!

(Rockin' Ringlet - gold and Confident Coil - white)

When it comes to styling, Rockin' Ringlets and Confident Coils are what gives curls their beautiful appearance.  Rockin' Ringlet "encourages and enhance curls" while Confident Coils "defines touchably soft curls in all climates".  These two works together in order to make beautiful and shiny curls that will really give you compliments!  Not only that, but it holds up well to humidity! When it is humid, my curls are still well formed and beautiful, with little to no frizz.

(before applying hair products - sorry I have to torture you all with my non-makeup face)

(after - with makeup) 

This is what my hair looks like when using JessiCurl.  Beautiful and shiny spirals.  What else is great about this product? You have the option to choose the scent!  I love Citrus Lavender for its refreshing and relaxing scent but for those girls who like something exotic, you might enjoy Island Fantasy.  Oh but let us not forget the men nor the people with has sensitivities within their lives, JessiCurl has an option for you - no scent!  Yes, Jessicurl is really a product who thinks of products for everyone without singling out people.

Now, this product may not work for everyone however, it is something that is worth trying.  Please note, it takes up to two week to one month to begin to notice a difference within your hair.  Your hair may also get oily however, give your scalp time to get used to the changes that are occurring within your routine.  It will slowly even itself out.

JessiCurl can be ordered upon the JessiCurl Website as well as select salons in certain states. You are also able to purchase it within the CurlMart on the Naturally Curly website.  Again, check out JessiCurl and other products and see the difference you can see within your hair!

Soon, I will be adding a blog on how to incorporate the Curly Girl Method into your hair routine.

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