Monday, February 10, 2014

Review: ProNeema Skin Cream

For those who know me, and for those who don't, I often complain about my skin being "so dry" especially when it comes to my hands and feet.  It is not a pleasant feeling and with the problems I have with my hands, I am always out there, trying my best in order to find something that is not only moisturizing, but has added benefits to the skin.  May I introduce you all to ProNeema..

But what is ProNeema?  According to ProNeema's website, it is "a skin cream developed by a Pharmacist specifically to treat diabetic patients with extremely dry skin, but can help anyone afflicted with dry skin." But is this really a cure for dry skin, problematic skin?  

I was skeptical however when applied to my hands, I was amazes with how it moisturized with just a little dab.  The formula is creamy and very emollient, soaking into the skin with ease.  After applying it, my skin felt soft and smooth to the touch (where it is normally very dry).  It also holds its moisture levels well.  Normally, moisturizers fade in a hour. I've been wearing this for over two hours and it is still on my hands.  Amazing? I think so! Can I also point out that it had a slight warming sensation, which is a plus coming from a person who always have cold hands.

You are probably wondering about the smell of ProNeema.  It have a minty smell to it, which doesn't linger too long.  I found that the smell disappears after a few minutes of wear.  That isn't a deal breaker for me.  I would rather have it moisturize my skin then have a lingering smell and no moisture.

So for those of you who are suffering from dry skin, diabetic, or have Raynauds (which is another condition it is supposed to help), there is no reason to give this skin cream a shot.  Also, Raynauds suffers can receive a 15% discount off the Raynauds Association website.

ProNeema comes in the following sizes (prices included):
4 oz cream - $12.95
6 oz tube of lotion - $14.95
4 oz cream and 6 oz tube of lotion - $24.95 (Which is the best deal plus, you save $3!)

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