Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Review: Urban Decay's Naked 3

Let me be honest by saying this. I love Urban Decay but when it came to Naked 1 and 2, I wasn't interested in it.  The colors were not something I couldn't find already (I already had a lot of neutrals plus, my Lorac Pro Palette was similar) so therefore, I didn't buy.  But then, suddenly Urban Decay came up with a brilliant idea: adding rose golds in the neutral palette in which caught my attention. I just had to grab.  After getting put on the waiting list, I got my Naked 3!

(with flash)

(without flash)

So what makes the Naked 3 different from the Naked 1 and 2.  Again, it is the more rosy tone colors.  In my opinion, these colors tends to be a bit more flattering on most skintones.  As for Urban Decay, this is what they have to say about the product.: "Experiment with 12 NEVER-BEFORE-SEEN (and insanely beautiful) rose-hued neutrals-from pale, shimmery pink to deep black matte with rosy red micro glitter." Yes, it seriously makes you want to jump right in and grab one with joy!  But how does it compare to other eyeshadows, including others from Urban Decay?  I put it to the test.

First of, we will start with my colors.  There are 12 colors within the Naked Three palette (from the lightest to Darkest): "Strange (pale neutral pink matte-satin), Dust (pale metallic pink shimmer w/iridescent micro-glitter), Burnout (light pinky-peach satin), Limit (light dusty rose matte), Buzz (metallic rose shimmer w/silver micro-glitter), Trick (light metallic pinky-copper shimmer w/tonal micro-sparkle), Nooner (medium pinky-brown matte), Liar (medium metallic mauve shimmer), Factory (pinky-brown satin), Mugshot (metallic taupe shimmer w/slight pink shift), Darkside (deep taupe-mauve satin) and Blackheart (smoky black matte w/rosy red micro-sparkle)" (this is as quoted by Urban Decay's website).

(With flash and for those of you who noticed, I am missing Strange, which is so pale, it blends it a bit too well with my arms)

I find that these shadows are creamy, smooth and very easy to blend.  The colors are nice and look well even the palest of skin.  There are nice mattes and shimmery colors.  Oh and for those who line eyeliner, Blackheart makes an amazing eyeliner color!  There are some negatives as well.  Without a primer, they will fade and come off (always wear your eye primer, ladies!).  Also, the shimmer shades do have fallout.  I think the only shimmer shade I didn't have a problem with was Blackheart but again, I only use it as an eyeliner.  Another thing is the brush that comes with it. I love natural brushes due to the colors it can pull off for me and therefore, I find the brush that comes with it a dud.  It is cheaply made compared to some brushes in palette kits and I really only really use it to set my primer with Strange.  If you don't like the brush, I would suggest either tossing it or giving it to someone who might have use for it.  Other than the brush and some fallout, I highly recommend it!

Naked 3 retails for $52 and can be found at Sephora, Ulta, Urban Decay Online, and higher end retail stores.


  1. I wasn't interested in Naked 1 or 2 either...but 3 is awesome! I think we have similar coloring too, so I look forward to more of your posts!

    1. Naked 1 and 2 was so dull, Lorac Pro is soo much better. And I have one that is coming up on curly hair and my recommended products. So if you have curly hair, you are in luck!!


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